The Key to Fiction Success in 116 Words

In fiction, no single book will make a career… Write in series and if possible, write multiple series for the same readers. Promotion needs to be continual. Effective promotion options will vary among genres/sub-sub-sub-genres Watch that genre/sub-sub-sub-genre for changes and evolution. Keep an eye on how covers are changing over time and


Some Author Goodies and Tips! ;-)

Today’s email to my list 😉  I don’t have time to put the whole thing in here, I am finishing my edits so a novel can go to my editor for the next round. http://archive.aweber.com/wso13001/4knXK/h/Some_Goodies_and_Tips_.htm


Sorting out Genre in Fiction

I posted this elsewhere today, but thought it worth posting here, as well 😉   GENRES and SUB-SUB-SUB-GENRES   I think that there is a misconception regarding genre…   Let try metaphor here (my MFA in Scene Design was basically a degree in metaphor. Every. Single. Design. Started. With. A. Metaphor. lol)


Tool to Track Amazon SalesRank ;-)

You might know this already, but you can get a daily email with your books rankings. It shows the highest SalesRank for each book in that 24 hour period.   Right now, I just print it out, and put it in a folder (green, of course) to refer back to when I


WP, Icons, SFR, and Beppi! ;-)

Hello my fellow writers, For the next few weeks, I’ll be working from long To Do lists, as I launch a new pen name with 6 books (Pre-orders, here I come!), reboot an old pen name by targeting a new readership with new covers and a new book, and continue writing yet


Protect Your Rights

I’m still reeling from hearing the news of Prince’s death. Here is an excellent article.   http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/22/opinions/prince-eight-things-to-know-jones/index.html   Look at the last point. He got his rights back.   In these days of Indie Publishing, we need to remember how important our intellectual property rights are… they are our primary business assets.


Doubts, Commonsense, and One Last Chance

Hello my fellow writers, Let me start with a haiku, because this is my new favorite mode of procrastination <very big grin> Gray day at the beach. It is gray here, too, so why Am I not writing? Now… on to the email 😉 DOUBTS I just got off a Saturday morning


Want to know more about the second largest genre on Kindle?

Pretty much everyone knows that ROMANCE is the largest fiction genre… and I am also sure that you understand that Genre in and of itself is too large to mean anything… Drilling down into sub and sub-sub-genres is how you need to focus your efforts to find readers and meet their expectations.


#FirstDraft60 – Let’s Complete a First Draft Together in 60 Days

Mean Crit Partner emailed me a link to this… I plan to watch as it goes. Many kudos to Kaye Dacus for doing this… even if the color coding is minimal. 😉 #FirstDraft60 – Let’s Complete a First Draft Together in 60 Days For those of us who are planners <waves hand wildly>


Writer BEWARE!

KNOW YOUR ASINs… and keep an eye on them! This is a terrifying threat! Kindle Counterfeiting — A Growing Threat to Authors