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Persistance and Talent for Fiction Writers

Discouraged? Some thoughts… When working as a *creative*, one of the hardest tasks is managing our individual and personal expectations… Some days we are confident, some days we are convinced we suck and everything we touch sucks more, and some days we say FTITCTAJ… (F*** Them if they Can’t Take a Joke)


A Writer’s Cheat Sheets

When in doubt, draw it out   Cheat Sheets aren’t cheating 😉 Today (probably after lunch) I have to write a long and involved scene featuring the whole town… It is the town Thanksgiving dinner and there is a lot that needs to happen in terms of plot. It will likely end


Starting Your Fiction Writing Journey

I am following an online friend as she starts fiction writing — Tiffany Lambert . Like many of the new authors I interact with, she is running into some common problems.   Having taught a couple of different kinds of design thru the years, I know that these bumps in the road