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The Key to Fiction Success in 116 Words

In fiction, no single book will make a career… Write in series and if possible, write multiple series for the same readers. Promotion needs to be continual. Effective promotion options will vary among genres/sub-sub-sub-genres Watch that genre/sub-sub-sub-genre for changes and evolution. Keep an eye on how covers are changing over time and


Sorting out Genre in Fiction

I posted this elsewhere today, but thought it worth posting here, as well 😉   GENRES and SUB-SUB-SUB-GENRES   I think that there is a misconception regarding genre…   Let try metaphor here (my MFA in Scene Design was basically a degree in metaphor. Every. Single. Design. Started. With. A. Metaphor. lol)


Tool to Track Amazon SalesRank ;-)

You might know this already, but you can get a daily email with your books rankings. It shows the highest SalesRank for each book in that 24 hour period.   Right now, I just print it out, and put it in a folder (green, of course) to refer back to when I