Want to know more about the second largest genre on Kindle?

079587-blue-white-pearl-icon-business-magnifying-glass-psPretty much everyone knows that ROMANCE is the largest fiction genre… and I am also sure that you understand that Genre in and of itself is too large to mean anything… Drilling down into sub and sub-sub-genres is how you need to focus your efforts to find readers and meet their expectations.

What you may not know is the MT&S — Mystery, Thriller & Suspense is the second largest genre, and happily, is growing fast!

Like ROMANCE, MT&S is also represented by a plethora of sub-sub-etc-genres.

And what you also may not know is that Alex Niehues – Statistics and Research Guy Extraordinaire — has just released a comprehensive report analyzing the MT&S sub-sub-genres which are showing great promise.

Part of Alex’s strength is organizing his valuable data in a usable manner. Frankly, spreadsheets make my eyes roll up in my head… I need information that is laid out in a way that makes sense to me, and pretty pictures help, as well.

This report does that –

Market Overview – Pages 4-5
Category Size & Growth  – Pages 8-9
Best MT&S Genres – Page 10-11
Degree of Competition – Page 11-13
Price Development – Pages 14-15
Trending Book Topics – Pages 16-17
Sales-to-Competition Ratio – Pages 18-22 and 29-32
Book Market Map? – Pages 23-28
MT&S Related Genres – Pages 33-38
Genre Performance Data – Pages 41-49

If 2016 is your year to focus, and ROMANCE does not speak to you, here is the info you need to analyze a different, HUGE potential market, and at an extremely reasonable price… 😉

Click here for the MT&S Report